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Stop crime in its tracks! Thief Stoppers offers innovative security technology to businesses and residences throughout Central Texas.

Through our top of the line installation and equipment for the security of homes and businesses, home alarm systems and video surveillance for your home or business, Thief Stoppers provides all you need to keep your family, loved ones and assets secure.


State-Of-The-Art Home Security Systemshome-security-systems

Headquartered in Waco, Texas, Thief Stoppers offers a local solution for peace of mind to residences and businesses in Waco, Temple and Killeen. Our wide range of top business and home security systems, line installation and home alarm systems ensure your loved ones and assets are safe and sound. Contact our solution-focused staff for assistance in finding the business or home security systems that will work best for you.

We Take ACTION On Criminal Activity

Our top of the line security technology and services suit both home and business security needs by offering not just an ordinary alarm system, but intelligent surveillance to take immediate action when your home or business is invaded. After all, ordinary business or home security systems are just a bunch of buttons and a loud noise without security monitoring services to take immediate action on your behalf if there were an intruder or burglar. This inclusive approach ensures safety for all.

The Best Waco Security Systems For Your Business

Protect your business premises, warehouse assets, and staff with business-focused commercial security systems. Our team of professionals understand the complexities of securing your business against crime and can partner with you to help find the right system for your needs. Our security control equipment, and monthly service offering is affordable and fits a variety of budgets and requirements.

Already Have An Alarm and Security System? Let Us Save You Money!

Protect your business premises, warehouse assets, and staff with business-focused commercial security systems. Our team of professionals understand the complexities of securing your business against crime and can partner with you to help find the right system for your needs. Our security control equipment, and monthly service offering is affordable and fits a variety of budgets and requirements.

Around-The-Clock Monitoring and Protection

Protecting your assets is a 24-hour, 365 days of the year job. Thief Stoppers is right around the corner with alarm systems for apartments and residential security solutions to ensure your peace of mind around the clock. Our presence in Waco gives us a vested interest in bringing Waco and the surrounding cities security systems that really work to keep crime out of central Texas.

Giving Waco Home Security Systems That Keep Loved Ones Safe

Your family is important to us, too. Keep your family and residential assets safe and sound with around-the-clock protection and a home security system that acts as way more than just an alarm system. Alarm systems alone just won’t give you the protection your family needs to ensure security and peace of mind. Our fully inclusive home security alarm systems offer protection that an ordinary stand-alone alarm system simply can’t provide against burglars, home invaders and criminals out to harm your family or assets. It’s our mission to give Waco home security systems that actually protect your family and belongings. View our selection of top home security systems or contact our budget conscious staff for a solution that will meet your needs and your budget.

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We Offer Residential Alarm Systems Too!

Installation of wireless home security systems is a snap with Thief Stoppers. In Waco, home security systems are installed by our professional technicians within 1-2 working days. Our technicians also serve families in Temple and Killeen too!

Innovation In Home Alarm Systems

Your peace of mind is of our utmost concern. Thief Stoppers is a locally owned security company, operating out of Waco, Texas, and we have a vested interest in protecting families throughout central Texas. Our residential security systems are designed to help homeowners protect their families and their belongings so that you can sleep well knowing that your family and home are safe and sound.

The Best Home Security Systems Keep You Safe By Taking Action - Not By Beeping.

Home alarm systems are worthless without a security monitoring service. A loud noise won’t scare off intruders on a mission - and most neighbors won’t realize your home alarm system has been triggered by an intruder to call the police. However, with proper security monitoring, monitored home security systems become instant crime fighters that take immediate action if an intruder or burglar enters your home. The Thief Stoppers Customer Monitoring Centers are operated using state-of-the-art equipment and secure communication links. Once we receive the alarm signal from any of our contracted home alarm systems, a monitoring professional will notify you, your local authorities and emergency personnel. Our monitoring system also provides not just time for the authorities to arrive, but admissible evidence should you require it. Monitored home security alarm systems also help keep your neighborhood safe by taking direct action against crime!

 Only The Best Home Security Systems Made By Industry Leaders

Thief Stoppers has partnered with Interlogix United Technologies to provide our clients with cutting edge residential alarm systems for homes just like yours. With Interlogix and TruVision, we now offer the most innovative and advanced security and home automation solutions in the industry. Thief Stoppers offers home camera security systems that include not just top-rated equipment, but also superior, private monitoring and surveillance services. We offer a wide selection of top home security systems with features like wireless connectivity, home automation, and HD security cameras.

Wireless Security Systems: The Safest Home Alarm Systems

Wireless security systems offer more features than traditional hard-wired home alarm systems, such as the ability to monitor your home from your cell phone, but also, they are safer. Without wires to disable, thieves are unable to bypass your residential security system.

Families just like yours are converting their home alarm systems into wireless security systems for the ease of use and the accessibility to information and automation.

We Are Specialists In Waco Commercial Security Systems!

Located in Waco, Texas, Thief Stoppers is proud to provide innovative, cutting edge commercial security equipment and monitoring services. We strive to be industry leaders, offering professional monitoring and leading equipment at affordable prices.

Supplying Businesses Across Central Texas With Commercial Security Systems and Monitoring Services

Thief Stoppers provides innovative alarm systems for businesses throughout Waco, Temple and Killeen Texas. Our alarm systems are a form of asset protection for businesses that ensure the safety of your staff, venue and resources. Alongside security monitoring services and business security systems, our wide selection of monitored security systems are ideal for companies looking for an affordable solution for office security systems. Our solution-focused staff are on standby to assist you in finding commercial security systems that work for your business.

Reduce Costs By Keeping Your Current Commercial Security System and Switching Security Monitoring Services

If your current commercial security system works great, but you aren’t satisfied with the value or competence of your current monitoring service, Thief Stoppers can help! We can supply monitored security systems that connect with already installed business security systems seamlessly. This is a great way to save money and increase security at your place of business.


Keep Your Assets Safe and Your Insurance Premiums Down With Professional Business Security Systems

Your business deserves to be kept safe with actionable monitored business security systems. Big clunky beeping alarm systems are useless without a pair of eyes to take action when an intruder enters your premises. Simple burglar alarm systems just sound an alarm with the intent to scare off intruders, but most intruders are unfazed by the noise and quick enough to escape before the authorities are even called. Monitored security systems keep a pair of eyes on your commercial facilities, ensuring that when an assailant or burglar enters, immediate action is taken.

Installations of Alarm Systems for Businesses and Commercial Venues Can Be Scheduled Immediately

Thief Stoppers serves businesses and commercial facilities within Central Texas, including Waco, Killeen and Temple. Throughout Waco alarm systems can be installed by professional technicians within just 1-2 working days. Simply contact our offices to schedule an appointment right away!

Watch Thief Stoppers In Action!

Professionalism is vital to our operations and management of alarm systems for businesses and commercial facilities. Our customer monitoring centers ensure safety and security through secure communication links and top of the line security equipment. Once an alarm is triggered from any of our monitored security systems, our professional monitoring staff members will contact you, local authorities and emergency personnel. Many insurance premiums can be reduced with competent professionally facilitated security alarm systems and monitoring services.

Monitored commercial security alarm systems keep your business safe and our cities crime free!

Burglar Alarm Systems

Business Security Systems By The Commercial Security Industry Leaders

For commercial security, we only partner with industry leaders. Together, we provide innovative commercial alarm systems for businesses desiring professional equipment alongside traditional monitoring services. Through these partnerships, Thief Stoppers can supply Waco a large variety of security equipment, including technology that tens-of-thousands of security professionals use worldwide in an array of industries from locksmiths to government facilities.

We have a wide selection of business security camera systems, IP security cameras, and outside security cameras and can help you select the security system that works best for your company. Our professional team of solution-focused staff are available to assist in finding you the right large, medium, medium or small business security systems for you - no matter the size of your company.